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 Insurgency eleito melhor MOD Source de 2007

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MensagemAssunto: Insurgency eleito melhor MOD Source de 2007   Ter Fev 12, 2008 10:39 am

Insurgency eleito melhor MOD source de 2007

site especializado em jogos Source, elege Insurgency:Modern Infantry
Combat o melhor MOD de 2008 para a engine Source.

Pena não ter
vingado muito por aqui, espero que essa história mude. Notícia postada
no site oficial, em inglês, transcrita abaixo:


Insurgency: Best Source mod of 2007

Dr. Spielmann // Jan 4, 2008 // 49 comments
Steamfriends, the popular website for all things source has awarded Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat "Best Source mod of 2007".

According to Steamfriends:

When Insurgency was announced back in 2004, everyone got very excited about
their amazing idea of creating a modern infrantry combat mod for the
Source engine. With the first beta release this year we saw a huge
amount of players interested in it's unique gameplay features. Although
a lot of bugs have made it hard for Insurgency to survive, we all think
that this is the most innovating, unique and best graphics mod of 2007
and therefor the Insurgency team has earned the Golden SteamFriends
Award. With the released patches and upcoming updates the mod has an
interesting future to come and we definitely think it is only at the
beginning of getting many more players to experience the gameplay of
'the Insurgency'.

We all feel really happy about this award
on what has been a crucial year for Insurgency. It gives us a great
reason to continue working on this project. You can check the
Steamfriends Awards for 2007 here.

We also want to update you on the work being done towards Beta 2.1:

of the changes in this patch are being based on the feedback we have
gotten from our community. First of all, we are working on the usual
polishing and tweaking of every aspect of the game. Lots of things are
being looked at, as you can imagine, from bug fixing to streamlining
some aspects of the HUD, up to the look of the player models, etc.

some new features are going to be included in Beta 2.1. We want to show
you one of them today: the HUD icons can now be set to blink when
someone is capturing a point.

We want to offer several customization possibilities, offering server
admins to set the "realism level" of the game according to their
preferences. This will allow admins to enable/disable options such as
the HUD icons showing you where to go, or death/kill messages. Please
keep in mind that we are currently working on these options and several
changes will be introduced before 2.1 is released. We understand that
some players can prefer pure, realistic gameplay, and the core
experience of the game will remain focused on tactical realism.
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Insurgency eleito melhor MOD Source de 2007
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