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 Project Reality 0.75

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General de Exército - Admin
General de Exército - Admin

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MensagemAssunto: Project Reality 0.75   Seg Mar 24, 2008 8:06 am

Lançado Patch 0.75 do Project Reality

Link para download:


Project Reality 0.75 Patch:
* Added new player-specific message system
* Added black screen when dead or critically wounded
* Added new suppression effect
* Added new bleed out (near death) effect
* Added new map: bi ming (day)
* Added new map: operation archer
* Added context-sensitive communication menu when using field dressings, the medic bag, ammo bags, mines, shock paddles or the shovel
* Added PR tips to loading screens
* Players that kill 3 civilians in a 10 minute interval are killed ("arrested")
* In Insurgency only up to 3 weapons caches exist in the game world at any time
* Added deviation model to grenades. Also lowered throw distance and raised timer
* Lowered deviation when moving using pistols
* Gave carbine rifles to crewman kits where available (China, MEC, US)
* Added ammo bag to the rifleman(optics) and to the militia scout kit
* Removed ammo bag from automatic rifleman
* Added shovel to anti-tank kit
* Added new iron sites for most handheld iron sites weapons
* Added silenced pistol, grappling hook and C4 to special operations kit
* Removed flashbangs from officer and special operations kit
* Replaced pistols from anti-tank kits with rifles (2+1 mags)
* Added slugshot shotgun to engineers as secondary weapon for door breaching. Moved the mines to the 9th slot
* Added trip flare to marksman kit
* Added Molotov cocktails to insurgent AA and RPG
* Removed AK47 from insurgent AA
* Added a delay to use for all stationary and vehicle weapons
* Jeeps and IFVs can drop small ammo boxes now
* Added smoke launcher batteries to tanks and IFVs. They have 3 sets of smoke bombs and 60 seconds reload time between each one
* Removed missile lock warning tone from all armored vehicles
* Added heat signature and flares back to light helicopters
* Flare launcher reload time is 90 seconds and starts after all flares were deployed
* Laser targets stay in the world for up to 30 seconds
* Commander assets can be built within 50m of two supply crates
* There can't be more than one bunker or fire base in a 200m area
* Added repair ability to the command post
* Replaced deployable AA gun with deployable AA missile system
* Added demolish order and mine field marker to commander right-click menu on the Caps-Lock map
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Project Reality 0.75
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