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 Update on Beta 2.1 - News!

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MensagemAssunto: Update on Beta 2.1 - News!   Ter Fev 12, 2008 6:19 pm

Mais uma atualização para o Beta 2 Exclamation

Hello everyone!

As promised, we want to give you some more frequent updates about the development of Insurgency 2.1, our next release. We're currently knee deep into its development, and there are still a few pieces that have to come together before we can give you the exact details of the release date - we wouldn't like to miss it! Don't worry, though, this is not going to take forever. As a first estimate, we believe 2.1 will be ready within a month's time. Keep in mind that there's work needed in all areas, since this is no hotfix but a major release.

Here is some of the progress done on Beta 2.1, that will be added to the changelog that we published a few weeks ago:

Movement / Animation improvements:

  • Implemented slow crawling while reloading
  • Implemented reloading while crawling
  • Better ironsight response while crawling
  • Better movement while crawling
  • Added the ability to strafe a little while sprinting
  • Implemented reloading while sprinting
  • Fixed animation lagging issue when you have low framerates
These improvements will be very noticeable by the player: you will be able to strafe slightly while sprinting, you will be able to move while crawling and reloading, though your speed will be severely reduced from the normal crawl speed. It feels much more natural to be able to get back behind cover, adjust your position, and perfect your ironsight shot while prone. If you move too much you will pop out of ironsights to use your arms in the crawl. Once you stop moving, you will automatically pop back into ironsights. We are sure you will quickly adapt to the new system, that maintains realism but doesn't let you feel there's an artificial limit to your movements. Additionally, animation playback has been improved so the animations will look much better in 2.1.

Maps have also received updates:


  • Moved some prop placement in the tunnel
  • Moved the objective B capture zone towards the elevator
  • Added a barrier as spawnprotection in the tunnel entrance
  • Added a wooden wall between the minebuilding and tunnel entrance when fighting for objective A to make it harder for insurgents to rush towards the enemy. This wall is removed on capture.
  • Added some signs for spawning players in the tunnels (altough they should also spawn facing the right direction)
  • Added sandbags to the cave that provide extra cover for the Insurgents
  • IMC changes: Increased captime for the tunnel and minecave objectives. Renamed the "Entrance Tunnel" objective to "Mine Shaft"

  • Re-added the overlays for the big road (Objective C)
  • Added spawn protection barriers
  • Added an ambushed convoy at objective C (as extra cover)
  • Removed some props to make up for the added vehicles
  • IMC change: Renamed "Street" objective to "Ambush Site"

  • Objective Alpha rebuilt: Now both teams will have access to additional positions on the roofs.
  • Added a new defense point at Objective Alpha
  • You can also capture Objective Delta from the first floor.
Here are some screenshots of the updated Samawah:

There is also a new "day" version of Samawah being made for those who prefer to play under the sunlight! In addition, a new version of Haditha is being tested. It includes 4 objectives instead of 3, and the new one is located in the underground area. This map is also seeing some work on its night version. Keep an eye on the [url=""]developer logs[/url] for updates and additional media!

Para ver a notícia oficial, clique aqui!


Tô gostando de ver, os caras estão realmente trabalhando mais no Insurgency! cheers
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Update on Beta 2.1 - News!
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